Dharug National Park

Named after the traditional custodians (the Darug People), this park has much history and some great sandstone formations. The wildflowers in spring add a wonderful touch of colour to the bushland. The Old Great North Road including its quarries, bridges and other features improves access and provides a great deal of interest for visitors. Close to Sydney and Gosford, it feels like stepping back in time when visiting this park.

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Yengo National Park

Yengo National park is a large and seemingly remote park. The park stretches from Wisemans Ferry to near Singleton. The park is bound by Putty Rd (and Wollemi NP) on the west. The park has been subject to logging in the past, particularly around Mount Yengo. Much of the park is difficult to access, increasing the sense of wilderness. Yengo NP is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area and is home to sections of the Old Great North Road.

There are alerts raised for Yengo National Park as at Wed, 21 Aug 2019 03:41:20 +1000
Safety alerts: Slippery conditions on Big Yango trails
Trails in the Big Yango area may be slippery. Drive safely and be aware of road conditions.

Other planned events: 1080 wild dog baiting program
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will be undertaking a wild dog and fox control program in Yengo National Park. Ejectors and baits will be laid in the park from Monday 30 April to Wednesday 30 October 2019. The program will use Canid Pest Ejectors and meat baits. Do not touch baits or ejector devices.
1080 poison is lethal to dogs and cats. Visitors and neighbours are reminded that domestic animals are not permitted in national parks or nature reserves at any time. It is recommended that you tie your dogs up during this time if they like to roam. If you suspect your domestic dog has been in the park and triggered an ejector or taken a bait, take them to a vet immediately. Warning signs will be displayed to notify park visitors.
For more information, call the NPWS Bulga office on 02 6538 5300.